Rachel K. Cooper

Mellon Faculty Fellow
University of California, Irvine

Instructor, UC Irvine

Medical Ethics, Fall 2023

Argument & Research, Spring 2023

Argument & Research, Winter 2023

Medical Ethics, Summer 2022

Introduction to Philosophy, Summer 2020

Teaching Assistant, UC Irvine

The Gods, Fall 2022

Puzzles and Paradoxes, Summer 2021

Introduction to Philosophy, Spring 2021

Technology and Society, Winter 2021

Puzzles and Paradoxes, Fall 2020

Introduction to Ethics, Summer 2020

Classical Mythology, Spring 2020

The Heroes, Winter 2020

The Gods, Fall 2019

Introduction to Philosophy, Summer 2019

Puzzles and Paradoxes, Summer 2019

Introduction to Philosophy, Spring 2019

Technology and Society, Winter 2019

Introduction to Philosophy, Fall 2018

Graduate Teaching Associate, SFSU

Introduction to Philosophy, Spring 2015

Introduction to Critical Thinking, Fall 2014

Teaching Assistant, SFSU

Theory of Knowledge, Spring 2015

Metaphysics, Fall 2014

Chinese Philosophy and Religion, Spring 2014